19 september 2016 | Vincent Houdijk

Een uniek project van VINCENT HOUDIJK & HIS VINNIE VIBES met medewerking van o.a. Eric Vloeimans en Bert Boeren.
Opgedragen aan zijn broer Ashley, die op 15 juli 1996 om het leven is gekomen bij de Hercules ramp in Eindhoven. Onderstaande 'COMMENTS' spreken voor zichzelf;
"I’m deeply impressed..."
"Forever in our hearts..."
"Vincent brings back the rightly attention to the vibraphone with good music and excellent musicians."
"Someone who is achieving a dream of passion in this way deserves support."
"I’m a big fan of Vinnie Vibes!"
"With great admiration I see from a distance how your parents and you gave content in your lives. Ashley would be so enormously proud, stronger, from a beautiful white cloud he is certainly to blush at the performance of his brother... Lots of respect!"
Bestellen of meer info; www.vincenthoudijk.com


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